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Drink Aid – For A Better Tomorrow

Drink Aid – For A Better Tomorrow

One loves to drink or binge drink with old friends, at birthdays, at parties etc. and everybody knows the after effects of such crazy nights, a bad hangover with headaches, sickness, gastritis, nausea etc. The herbal, safe and effective ingredients in Drink Aid protects the stomach lining from ill effects of alcohol by forming a smooth layer of protection on stomach wall. Drink Aid neutralizes the acids and toxins in the blood which are produced by digestion of alcohol and helps reduces occurrence of hangover with headache and acidity. The most important organ of the body and the organ which digests the alcohol “LIVER” suffers the most after consumption of such large volumes of liquor. The ingredients in Drink Aid protects the liver by acting as anti-inflammatory and liver protectant (Kaasni, Kalmegh and Bhoi amli have proven liver protectant roles).


Each Hard Gelatin Capsule Contains:
KAASNI EXT Chicorium Intybus 65 mg
KALMEGH EXT Andographis Paniculata 65 mg
DRAKSH EXT Vitis Vinifera 40 mg
KHAJOOR EXT Phoenix Dactilyfera 60 mg
BHOI AMLI EXT Phyllanthus Nuriri 75 mg
AMLA EXT Emblica Officinalis 45 mg
STARCH 150 mg



The seeds, flowers and roots of Kasni are used medicinally to support liver health and treat liver-related problems. A decoction made from these three parts of the plant helps relieve sluggishness of the liver, jaundice, biliary stasis, torpidity of the liver and enlargement of the spleen. The plant’s juice is used to increase bile secretion that results in the efficient functioning of both the liver and the gall bladder.


Andrographis Paniculata (Kalmegh) is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature. It helps in reducing the stress over stomach and liver after binge  consumption of alcohol. Kalmegh protects the liver and used as a Liver tonic. The extract of Kalmegh is used in the treatment of slow digestion and bowel irritation.

Bhoi Amli:

Bhoi amli along with Bhangro are all known liver tonics.  They help in maintaining / enhancing the functions of the liver and ensure proper secretions of the enzymes from the liver which further helps in digesting the alcohol thus reducing the chances and occurrence of hangover related problems.  Undigested alcohol is the root cause of the hangover and these drugs reduce the amount of undigested alcohol by enhancing the function of the liver.

Draksh and Khajoor:

Both are beautiful antacids.  Alcohol induces acid generation in the stomach and causes nausea, stomach ache and cramps, which are the symptoms of a hangover.  Also too much acidity causes headaches common in alcohol induced hangover.  Draksh and khajoor effectively reduces the acidic content in the stomach and thus prevents the symptoms of hangover. Both draksh and khajoor are known for their blood forming as well as blood purifying properties.

Suggested use:

Take 2 capsules before 1 hour of alcohol consumption or as directed by your health care professional


For adults only. It should be avoided by individuals who are hypersensitive or allergic to the ingredient. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if the safety seal is broken.


Store in cool and dry place.