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The ABC of Cough

A persistent cough, as you know, can be very annoying. You can’t remain silent in a room, and a dry cough at night can hold you back from getting a good night sleep. The thing about a cough though is that it is not an illness. It is the symptom of an illness. Often a cough comes on as the last symptom of a retreating cold or viral flu. However, a cough can by triggered by reasons ranging from environmental to chronic illnesses. For instance, a simple cough is very different from Whooping Cough (also called Pertussis) which is a...

Blood donation camp organized by SWAR Foundation

RAG Healthcare, Surat, Gujarat successfully participated in blood donation camp organised by SWAR Foundation, a non profit non governmental organisation based in Vapi, Gujarat on 28/1/2017. SWAR foundation through its relentless hard work and utmost dedication towards the society was able to reach a wonderful collection of 65 unit of blood in a single day.